Jumat, 18 Agustus 2017


Alicia is sitting in the waiting room of a cinema while waiting for the movie to watch. Then someone comes and sits next to her.    

Irinna               : May I sit next to you?
Alicia               : Oh… Sure…
Irinna               : Thank you.
Alicia               : Your welcome. What’s your name?
Irinna               : My name is Irinna. And you?
Alicia               : My name is Alicia. What movie are you waiting for?
Irinna               : I’m waiting for Annabelle: Creation.
Alicia               : Really? I’ll watch that movie too. Let’s watch it together.
Irinna               : Yaay! We can watch it together. What is the reason you will watch that         movie?
Alicia               : The reason is the first movie has an interesting story and I’m curious            about the continuation of Annabelle’s story.
Irinna               : Me too. I can’t wait to watch the movie. By the way where do you live?
Alicia               : I live in Jalan Jakarta. And you?
Irinna               : I live in Jalan Supratman, near from fourteen junior highschool.
Alicia               : Ohh… Beside like horror movies, what genres of movie do you like?
Irinna               : I like mystery and science fiction.
Alicia               : Me too. By the way, how many minutes do we have to wait?
Irinna               : About fifteen minutes more.
Alicia               : What if we buy popcorn and some foods first?
Irinna               : That’s a good idea. Let’s go!
Alicia               : Let’s go!

Rabu, 02 Agustus 2017


Hello guys...! This is my first time to write a blog. So, I'm sorry if this blog had many sortcomings. I must learn more about how to make a good blog :).

In this blog, I will introduce myself. My name is Nisrina Putri Rianto, but you can call me Nisrina or Nissin. I was born on 2nd September 2002, in Bandung. I'm the only child in my little family. But, it doesn't matter because I have cousins, who I've considered my own brothers.

My hobby is making some crafts from any things in my house. Usually, I do this work with my parents. We can made pencilcase, painting, and other things from objects that have been unused. Now, I'm studying in 3 Senior High School in Bandung. I'm very very grateful to be accepted in this shcool. I hope I can be a good student here.... Aameen....

I have two amazing people in my life. They are my parents. My mother is a good person. She always take care my father and me so good. Every day she always makes many delicious foods for me. She always gives me a lot of hug too. I think she is the most beautiful women in this world. My father is a hardworker person. He is an illustrator and designer. I hope, I can be a good designer like my father. I really want my parents proud of me. 

Maybe, up here I introduce myself. Thank you for reading my blog. See you on the next blog...!