Rabu, 01 November 2017

Narrative Text

 Ant and Grasshopper 
Once, in one summer season’s day, there was a grasshopper that was jumping around, cheering and singing to its heart’s web content in an area. An Ant passed by, birthing along with massive toil an ear of corn he was saving to the nest.
” Why do not you come as well as appreciate the day with me?” claimed the Grasshopper, “rather than toiling constantly?”
” I am most likely to lay up food for the following winter months,” stated the Ant, “and recommend you to do the same with me.”
“Why should we care about wintertime?” said the Grasshopper; “We have had many foods currently.” Yet the ant kept walking on its way and also proceeded its toil.
When the wintertime came the insect didn’t have any kind of food and discovered itself passing away of cravings– while it saw the ant supplying daily, corn and grain from the stores they had actually collected before. Then the insect acknowledged: It is best to prepare well for days of something we need in the future.
O : Character
O : Time setting
O : Place setting
O : Linking word

Rabu, 25 Oktober 2017


Hello my lovely readers..... Welcome back to my blog!again?!!
In this blog, I'll give u information about my school festival... If u want to know cultures, traditional dances, traditional songs, or all about my country, Indonesia!! You must go to here to feel the coolest moment...
This festival usually held once in a year, and for this year, we just held it last September. And I'll tell u about my experience in there
Before we went to the festival, we went to Lapang Saparua for seen the wonderfull dances by children from elementary school in Bandung. They're so cute.... They showed very beautiful dances. After that, we walked to Lapang Bali, as the spot festival, to follow the parade.
After we reach the spot, we can seen many paintings about Indonesia, traditional dresses from many cultures, and many more. There are many food vendors to, so don't worry if you feel hungry or thirsty.
AND THE SPECTACULAR MOMENT IS... THIS FESTIVAL WAS INVITED MANY GUEST STARS TOO... Like HIVI, Nidji, Elephant Kind, Didi Ninik Towok, Vina Candrawati, and manya many more....

Rabu, 11 Oktober 2017


Hello guys.... Welcome to my blog again! In this blog, I will give you advice about a place which you can visit it...

And that place is TRANS STUDIO BANDUNG!!!

I think that place is very very intresting. You must to go there!

If you intrested abaout that place, you can visit my vlog at https://youtu.be/3D8kWVNQZXI

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Rabu, 30 Agustus 2017

What's your plan in the next holiday?

Hello my lovely readers! Welcome to my blog again...! In this blog, I will show my conversation with my friends... They're Dilla and Karin, I'v considered them like my own sister and my own grandma, lol.... So, here it is...

Nisrina : Hey! What's up, buddies? How the exam was?
Karin    : Hey babe! Stop asking about exam please. I don't wanna hear "exam" again this today, hahaha. Dilla and I are chatting about "what's your plan in the next holiday?". 
Nisrina : Lol, i agree with you. Woow good... What's your plan, Dil?
Dilla     : Hmm... Maybe I'll go to somewhere with my friends in junior high school.
Nisrina : Realy? It's a good idea Dil. I really missed my crazy friends in my junior high school. Hope we can meet again... So, what's your plan, Karin?
Karin    : I'll explore New York horrayy!
Nisrina : Woww that's amazing.... With whom you'll go there?
Karin    : Maybe with my boyfriend..
Nisrina : OMG Karin. Who is your boyfriend? Why you don't tell us?
Dilla     : Who is you boyfriend Karin?
Karin   : HAHAHA Lol... I'm just kidding. I'll go there with my family.
Nisrina : -_-
Dilla     : What's your plan, Nis?
Nisrina : I'll go to the mars by foot. I was tired of the math test. I want relaxing and screaming there. And I can get selfie at there, and I'll post it in my instagram.
Dilla     : Hahaha! That's a crazy plan. May I come there with you?
Nisrina : Oh sure, with pleasure:)
Karin   : Hahaha... Lol. I'll join it too. What's your actually plan?
Nisrina : :D Maybe I'll go to somewhere with my family.
Dilla    : Where will you go?
Nisrina : I still don't know. But anywhere I go, I still happy because I can have fun with my lovely family. Usually I go to place of nature or watch some movies in my home. We can watch up to five movies in a day. We can watch horrors, science fictions, mysteries, or animations movie. Maybe that's why I wear glasses now.
Dilla    : Woow, interesting plan...
Karin   : Yeah... All of you have a good idea. 
Nisrina : Yup, but the most important thing is THE EXAM IS OVER. YAAZZ!
Karin   : Yaayyy! Oh... Thanks God...
Dilla    : What if we go to cinema now? I wanna watch Pitch Perfect Movie...
Nisrina : Really? I wanna to watch it too... Let's watch it together!
Karin   : Let's Go!

So, that's our crazy conversation. Thanks for taking your time to read my blog. Take care my readers. See u in the next blog. Bye-bye....

Unforgettable Experience

Hello, everybody! What's going on? In this blog, I'll tell you about my unforgettable experience when I was in elementary school. So, here it is...!

At that time, I was 5th grade. I got information from my friend that "Tupperware" being held writing competition for elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school level. The story must be environmental theme. Initally, I participated because for fun only. So, I decided to made a short story titled "Mengapa Ini Semua Harus Terjadi?". The story is about a butterfly and two flowers who lived on a barren hill. The flowers were too dry, so the butterfly did a loooongg... journey to got much waters for the flowers. And... for its continuation you can read my story in a book titled "Jui dan Dunia Plantarum". Haha...LOL! 

One week later, I got a call from Tupperware. And UNBELIEVEABLE that my story was selected as the top three in elementary school. Oh My God! I was so happy, From 66.621 submitted works, I can be the top three. I'm very grateful to God...

Next day, I was told that I be invited to Jakarta for three days. I was so happy. I went to Jakarta with my mom. 

In the first day in Jakarta, the all finalist, my mom, and I was invited by Tupperware to go to Dunia Fantasi. It's a best experience ever... I can have fun with my mom and my new friends. We can play there a full day...

Next, in the second day, all the finalist had a workshop about "How to Write A Good Story". From there, I got a lot of knowledge. I can also increase my confidence. After doing the workshop, we went to Bantar Gebang. Bantar Gebang is a sub-district in Bekasi City, Jawa Barat, Indonesia. In this sub-district, there is a final waste shelter which is the main dumping site for about 6,500 tons of waste in a day from all over Jakarta. A total of 2,000 of waste in a day is used for power generation and composting, while another 2,000 tons will be used for joint projetcs with Pertamina and Solena. In there, the situation was very apprehensive. For example, shcool in there. The students will be disturbed because of the smell of garbage. Lots about garbage strewn about.The air was not healty. The temperature was so hot there. But I was impressed because the all students have good spirit. They weren't care of how hot the air was. They went to school with powerfull althought the infrastructure wasn't enough.  So, Tupperware gave donation for them.
In the third day, the all finalist and I went to Indah Kapuk Beach to planted some mangrove. It was a best experience 'cause I can planted the mangrove by myself. Mangrove can arrest the abration at the beach. 

I had many benefits from this program. I can learned to how to make a good story, learned for helped someone who need help, and I can learned that the plants are so important in our live. The plants have function as source of oxygen ultimate, as place to save the water, as source of food materials, as mullet from some animals, and many many more.... And the very important is I can learned how to save our earth..

So guys... Begin from now, Let's love our earth! Let's start with little things. Like don't throw the trash at random, don't burn up the dry leaves (try to bury it), don't soil the rivers or lakes, and use 4R basic in process of the trash: reduce, reuse, recycle, and repair....
I was so happy for joined this event.  Increasingly I was choosed for the first winner in that competition. Oh My God... This is my unfogettable experience ever.... 
Maybe... Just till here my story. Thanks for reading my blog. See you in the next blog guys... :))

Jumat, 18 Agustus 2017


Alicia is sitting in the waiting room of a cinema while waiting for the movie to watch. Then someone comes and sits next to her.    

Irinna               : May I sit next to you?
Alicia               : Oh… Sure…
Irinna               : Thank you.
Alicia               : Your welcome. What’s your name?
Irinna               : My name is Irinna. And you?
Alicia               : My name is Alicia. What movie are you waiting for?
Irinna               : I’m waiting for Annabelle: Creation.
Alicia               : Really? I’ll watch that movie too. Let’s watch it together.
Irinna               : Yaay! We can watch it together. What is the reason you will watch that         movie?
Alicia               : The reason is the first movie has an interesting story and I’m curious            about the continuation of Annabelle’s story.
Irinna               : Me too. I can’t wait to watch the movie. By the way where do you live?
Alicia               : I live in Jalan Jakarta. And you?
Irinna               : I live in Jalan Supratman, near from fourteen junior highschool.
Alicia               : Ohh… Beside like horror movies, what genres of movie do you like?
Irinna               : I like mystery and science fiction.
Alicia               : Me too. By the way, how many minutes do we have to wait?
Irinna               : About fifteen minutes more.
Alicia               : What if we buy popcorn and some foods first?
Irinna               : That’s a good idea. Let’s go!
Alicia               : Let’s go!

Rabu, 02 Agustus 2017


Hello guys...! This is my first time to write a blog. So, I'm sorry if this blog had many sortcomings. I must learn more about how to make a good blog :).

In this blog, I will introduce myself. My name is Nisrina Putri Rianto, but you can call me Nisrina or Nissin. I was born on 2nd September 2002, in Bandung. I'm the only child in my little family. But, it doesn't matter because I have cousins, who I've considered my own brothers.

My hobby is making some crafts from any things in my house. Usually, I do this work with my parents. We can made pencilcase, painting, and other things from objects that have been unused. Now, I'm studying in 3 Senior High School in Bandung. I'm very very grateful to be accepted in this shcool. I hope I can be a good student here.... Aameen....

I have two amazing people in my life. They are my parents. My mother is a good person. She always take care my father and me so good. Every day she always makes many delicious foods for me. She always gives me a lot of hug too. I think she is the most beautiful women in this world. My father is a hardworker person. He is an illustrator and designer. I hope, I can be a good designer like my father. I really want my parents proud of me. 

Maybe, up here I introduce myself. Thank you for reading my blog. See you on the next blog...!